Thursday, October 1, 2015

70s fashion trend: How to work it this season

If you weren't enticed by summer's love affair with the 70s, understand that the fashion industry are making it really hard to resist for much longer.
Above all other looks for autumn/winter 2015, the 70s fashion trend is the most ubiquitous. Suede, velvets and corduroy are big; Liberty-inspired prints are everywhere; cropped flares the trouser of choice; A-line skirts are pervasive; and floaty pirate-meets-peasant blouses here to stay.

No one wants to look like they're wearing fancy dress though, and as much as we appreciated the comedic genius of Austin Powers, we won't be using him as a style muse. The trick is to mix and match - don't go 70s from head-to-toe (unless you happen to be Florence Welch and henceforth operate in a different zone to other mortals). The  polo neck is a fine, versatile and beautiful thing and will give your summer pinafore dresses added longevity, but don't wear them with your flares and platforms - you'll look nothing short of ridiculous.
No one needs to repeat the sartorial mistakes of the 70s - just take the good stuff and run with them.


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